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About Us

We are an independent, established marketing agency that is passionate about helping our clients to meet and exceed their business goals through utilising the most appropriate marketing tools and mediums available.

Our collective marketing, sales and creative skillsets enable us to help plan a marketing strategy that suits you, your aims and your market sector. We can provide you with anything from a full marketing strategy, which might include market & competitor research and cost analysis - through to an online banner campaign involving digital design, photography, online media brokering and statistical feedback.

Our team is drawn from both agency and client sides, so as well as providing an outstanding marketing service, we also understand the role of you the client, and ensure our work is highly competitive, transparent and measurable.

Why use Rubicon?

Because of our success with existing clients and because, before anything else is discussed, the first question we ask you is: “What do you want to achieve with your marketing?” We’ll work with you in creating a clear and concise plan to enable you to achieve your marketing goals. We’ve helped clients launch businesses, products and brands, as well as increasing sales, market share, membership and advertising sales.

Why clients come to us

Because we are dedicated and professional in our work; transparent about costs and schedules; and communicate with you throughout all projects on an agreed timely basis.

Why clients stay with us

Because we get the job done - on brief, on budget and on time. Because we care about what we do and about what you do. We listen to you, and tailor a marketing response to your needs rather than the other way around. Our creative and diligent approach to our work is why so many of our clients trust us with their marketing budgets year after year.

Working at Rubicon

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We love the world we live in and we want to look after it. We try to ensure we use suppliers who feel the same as us and have the right environmental policies in place. We do this without compromising on quality and value for our clients.


Rubicon are keen to do as much as we can to support and work with charities: locally, nationally and internationally. We want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and are thankful to be able to do so.

Work Life Balance

We believe that ensuring the right balance between our home and Rubicon worlds means we work to our optimum when we can. It’s a win-win situation!


The team at Rubicon fit together like a good jigsaw. Our skills and personalities complement each other so that between us we get things done, on brief, on time and on budget.

We're a Happy Bunch

Generally we're a happy lot and don’t take life too seriously – just our work. 


Most of all we all work very hard. We want to make sure we do the best we can, as individuals and as a company; for our clients, our suppliers and ourselves.

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