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Whether it's for press advertising, direct mail, a sales letter, an e-shot, an animated online banner or anything else, creativity for the sake of it is a wasted opportunity to sell the message and the service. Whatever the message, and regardless of the product or service, the published creative treatment must always resonate with the customer and should always work in such a way to elicit the response you are seeking to achieve.

Studies have shown however that creativity in marketing does work. Creativity as divergent thinking – the ability to find unusual and non-obvious solutions to a problem – is more effective, and is remembered for longer. The American period drama Mad Men doesn’t portray how a typical advertising and marketing agency runs today, but it does highlight the creative process as being the ‘sexy’ aspect of the marketing process. However, that isn’t the only attribute the creative work needs to succeed, and can obviously be detrimental to an inappropriate product. Originality, humour and intrigue can, in the right context work perfectly in a marketing piece. For instance, it’s not necessary to add glamour to a crate hire service, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and engage with your audience.